The war, started insidiously in the 21st century in the middle of Europe, is a harsh reality that Ukraine faced on February 24, 2022.

Millions of people have been forced to leave their homes, many of which have been destroyed, to need the most basic things – food, water, clothing… This seems like a horror that has gripped every Ukrainian. However, despite the fears and anxieties, there are many who lend a helping hand, both in Ukraine and abroad: Charitable Foundations and Organizations, volunteers and just caring PEOPLE.

However, many of these rescuers today face imperfect legal frameworks and inability to submit and provide the necessary reports on the receipt and distribution of assistance due to many factors, the main of which are:

lack of documents for people in need;

inability to identify persons due to loss or damage of documents;

lack of possibility to make copies of relevant documents on the distribution and supply of humanitarian aid (copies of acts of transfer, invoices, etc.).

In view of the above, CO “CHARITY FUND “HUMAN” sent an appeal to the Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine with an initiative to amend the relevant legal framework governing the receipt and provision of humanitarian aid, as well as reporting on it, to simplify the procedure.