Healing and Rehabilitation

The troops of the Russian Federation carry out daily rocket attacks on residential areas of Ukrainian cities and towns, as a result of which the civilian population of Ukraine suffers. The number of affected Ukrainians, a significant proportion of whom are children, is growing steadily. That is why the charity organization “Charity Fund “Human” provides first aid and promotes the recovery of children affected by hostilities, children deprived of parental care and children from large and low-income families. Rehabilitation assistance may also be provided to civilians affected by hostilities who need special care, long-term treatment and rehabilitation.

Special attention should be paid to militarians, combatants and persons equated to them, persons discharged from military service, who must undergo free psychological, medical and psychological rehabilitation in the relevant sanatoriums.

The Charity Fund “Human”, in cooperation with partners, organizes work on the rehabilitation of victims of Russia’s armed aggression against Ukraine by restoring the physical and psychological health of combatants and achieving their social and psychological well-being.

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