Our Mission is to provide charitable assistance to individuals, local communities, non-profit organizations, as well as legal entities of private law in various spheres of human life.

Our vision – We help those who need it, we consciously work together for the well-being of Ukraine!

Areas of our activity
– education;
– health care;
– ecology, environmental protection and animal protection;
– prevention of natural and man-made disasters and elimination of their consequences, assistance to victims of catastrophes, armed conflicts and accidents, as well as refugees and persons in difficult life circumstances;
– guardianship and custody, legal representation and legal assistance;
– social protection, social security, social services and poverty reduction;
– culture and art, protection of cultural heritage;
– science and research;
– sports and physical culture;
– human and civil rights and fundamental freedoms;
– development of territorial communities;
– development of international cooperation of Ukraine.