You can donate money to help victims of hostilities according to the following details:

Одержувач платежу:
Найменування організації: БО Благодійний фонд «ЛЮДИНА»
Код отримувача: 43375813
Назва банку: АТ КБ “ПРИВАТБАНК”
Рахунки отримувача у форматі IBAN:
Гривневий (UAH) – UA673052990000026008036205625


Name of organization: Charity fund “HUMAN”
Recipient code: 43375813
Name of the bank: JSC CB “PRIVATBANK”
Recipient’s account in IBAN format:
EUR – UA883052990000026006026224306
USD – UA723052990000026005046220596

Our testimonials

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Family from Irpin, Kyiv region17.03.2022
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"Leaving Irpin under the bullets, our family faced difficulties, we had nothing: no necessary things, no products, nothing ... We started looking for help and came across the website of the CO CHARITY FUND "HUMAN". The foundation's team helped by everything they could: food, diapers, household chemicals, clothes, and most importantly, housing, our own corner. My wife and I thought that this could only happen in the movies. Thank you very much for your help!
Darina Revenko12.03.2022
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My husband and I turned to CO CHARITY FUND "HUMAN" for help in delivering valuable medicines from Kyiv to Kryvyi Rih that require strict temperature control. Despite the dangerous period for the residents of Kyiv, the fund's team succeeded! This was not the first Fund we turned to, but the only one that helped. Thank you very much for your work! May God protect you and your loved ones, your city and our country!
Territorial Defense of the Dymer village council14.03.2022
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The Territorial Defense of the Dymer Village Council of Kyiv Region expresses its gratitude to CO CHARITY FUND HUMAN for its active position during the Russian Federation's aggression against Ukraine and the provision of humanitarian aid in the form of food and basic necessities. We express our gratitude to you for your work and help
TERRITORIAL DEFENSE of the city of Kyiv18.03.2022
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The servicemen of the Territorial Defense of the city of Kyiv sincerely thank CHARITY FUND "HUMAN" for their conscientious work and humanitarian aid. With your support, we will definitely win!
Iryna Rohmaniuk19.03.2022
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Today our boys from Gostomel received things. Thank you very much for your support of the Charitable Foundation "HUMAN".