Education for children

Due to the Russian military aggression, thousands of schoolchildren and students from different regions of Ukraine lost the opportunity to attend educational institutions and continue their studies in their areas. Hundreds of educational institutions have been completely destroyed, dozens are located in the occupied territories, where it is impossible to conduct the educational process safely.

The forced change of residence has led to the need to organize additional places for internally displaced persons. According to the order of the Ministry of Education and Science, parents, guardians or other legal representatives, students who have reached the age of 18, have the opportunity to apply to the selected institution, which is drawn up in any form. Thus, students are counted as temporary visitors to educational institutions, but continue to be registered at the main place of study.

The Charity Fund “Human” provides consultations on continuing education and academic mobility in secondary, vocational and higher education institutions, advises on filling out the necessary documents, writing applications, etc.

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