Chief Physician of the Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine Lyubov Slepova notes that the war has its own psychology. We have all experienced many states of our psyche: euphoria, depression, anxiety, panic. Anxiety is normal, in a dangerous situation everyone feels it. Panic – no, it disorients and leads to illogical actions. Of particular importance is the psychological state of pregnant women and women who are in hospital and waiting for the arrival of their baby.

The doctor gives some advice for expectant mothers, in particular,

Get a good night’s sleep. If necessary, you can drink sedative drops. For pregnant women and women in labor suitable valerian preparations in tablets, drops of corvalol, valocordin. Of course, some of these drugs will pass with the mother’s milk and the baby, but they do not have any negative effects on the condition of the newborn;

Drink plenty of fluids, as dehydration due to metabolic disorders increases stress. Fluid volume up to 2 liters per day;

Think about the future of you and your child after peace, hug more often, sing lullabies, talk about how much you love your child and it will help keep you strong;

Talk to each other, to your doctors, talk about your emotions. Share your experiences with relatives, husbands;

Think about how to behave during an air alert, that you need to clearly follow the instructions of a doctor or other medical staff to move to a prepared shelter without panic;

While in the shelter do not panic, communicate more with yourself and staff and be sure that you are safe and your condition is under the control of medical staff;

Do not believe or disseminate unverified information and pause more often.