Learn How To Give First Aid With TacticMedAid

75-90% of military and civilians die from injuries if no premedical care is provided. Therefore, to teach Ukrainians how to quickly provide first aid to war victims, more than 20 volunteers created the TacticMedAid application. You can use simple instructions on your smartphone anywhere, anytime. And the main advantage of TacticMedAid is that it works without the Internet.

TacticMedAid is available for users of iOS (https://apple.co/3ILN1Ly) and Android (https://bit.ly/3uCifjo). Install the application, save lives and take care of yourself and Ukraine ?? More than 20 volunteer specialists are working on the project, including: 42flows tech, Alty, UniSafe (Dnipro), Reactor (Work ua), designer Sashko Danylenko, Bambuk Studio (Lviv), UCU and others.