Helping the Family from Irpin

Everyone must have seen this horrible footage from the city of Irpin, Kyiv region. Miraculously, the family left the shelled city for Kyiv. May God give peace and patience to people in such circumstances. Everything will be fine, some time for us.

Now, the family is safe, feeling well, we try to continue to help and support!

The head of the family, Anton, responded to the address of the CO “CHARITY FUND “HUMAN”:

“Our story began on March 6, 2022. It was a very important decision to leave home, as it was no longer unbearable. There were only documents with us. Thanks to volunteers we left Kyiv. Our family faced difficulties, we had no things or products. And then we stumbled upon the website of volunteers of “CHARITY FUND “HUMAN”. People helped everyone as much as possible, diapers, food, food, chemicals, clothes, and most importantly housing, our own corner. My wife and I thought that this could only be on TV. Thank you very much. ”