A selection of services for finding housing

Russia has declared war on Ukraine and is vilely shelling peaceful cities. Thousands are being evacuated to safer regions. However, most of them have nowhere to go.

For such cases, many volunteers create portals where in a few clicks you can find shelter both in Ukraine and abroad.

We share a selection:

Search for housing in Ukraine: ?Volunteers have gathered contacts on the VzaemoDiya website that will speed up the search for temporary shelter or housing


Help! Initiative offers free temporary housing in safe cities of Ukraine or abroad


Chatbot so that those who need asylum and those who can provide it find each other ?https: https://t.me/shelter_for_ukrainians_bot

Service that unites people looking for housing with those who are ready to provide it ?https: https://www.shelter4ua.com/ua

Portal for finding housing both in Ukraine and abroad


Bot from the Ministry of Finance, which helps 24/7 Ukrainian migrants to get a temporary home and the necessary things in the CNAPs


Search for housing abroad:

Service that offers refugees safe housing abroad


Portal where Lithuanian volunteers provide shelter for 10,000 refugees from Ukraine ?https: https://stipruskartu.lt/

Free housing for Ukrainians for a short time


Platform for finding free housing


A portal that helps to find people looking for housing, people who can shelter someone

https://help380.org/ Share a selection and help each other. Support is what each of us needs now. Let’s unite

Info: Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine