Support Our Fundraising Campaign: “Ballistic (Bulletproof) Helmet “!

Ballistic (bulletproof) helmet is designed for individual protection of servicemen and law enforcement officers from injuries and wounds, to accommodate special equipment. It provides protection of the head at falls, blows, influence of an explosive wave, small fragments, ricochets, hit of pistol bullets and bullets of other small arms on departure.

In total, we plan to purchase 250 protective helmets and hand them over to the military. One protective helmet costs UAH 7 750. Therefore we need to collect UAH 1 937 500.

We will be sincerely grateful to everyone who supports our initiative!

Join the fundraising! We will win! Glory to Ukraine!

You can donate money to help victims of hostilities according to the following details:

Одержувач платежу:
Найменування організації: БО Благодійний фонд «ЛЮДИНА»
Код отримувача: 43375813
Назва банку: АТ КБ “ПРИВАТБАНК”
Рахунки отримувача у форматі IBAN:
Гривневий (UAH) – UA673052990000026008036205625


Name of organization: Charity fund “HUMAN”
Recipient code: 43375813
Name of the bank: JSC CB “PRIVATBANK”
Recipient’s account in IBAN format:
EUR – UA883052990000026006026224306
USD – UA723052990000026005046220596