Assistance to educators / scientists

Hundreds of educational institutions were damaged in the first month of the war, some of which were completely destroyed by bombing and shelling. Due to military action, scientific, scientific-pedagogical and pedagogical workers are forced to move to safer regions of Ukraine, working remotely, if there is an opportunity to do this. Currently, foreign educational institutions provide a significant number of proposals to support Ukrainian scientists and educators.

Given the need to preserve the scientific and scientific-pedagogical potential, Charity Fund “Human” has provided another area of help – assistance to scientists and educators. Within this area, opportunities for assistance to displaced educators and research institution workers are being developed and adjusted. The first step is to register such persons and analyze the problems of this category of the population. An information resource is also being set up where functioning educational institutions can support displaced educators and researchers.

Charity Fund “Human” collects information about opportunities for internships and advanced training in educational institutions of Ukraine and abroad, who are ready to support their colleagues during Russia’s military aggression on the territory of Ukraine. The Charity Fund will review each educator’s appeal to provide assistance and support during these difficult times.

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