Important Information!


The insidious war that began on February 24, 2022, forced thousands of people to survive. They are forced to hide from the ongoing shelling and bombing. Many of them stayed at home….

Alarms are sounding in different regions of Ukraine, informing the population about the air danger. At this time, it is recommended to follow the storage.

Not everyone has the opportunity to go down to the shelter, and in general, how safe is it?

The military, the SES and the designers of the houses emphasize that it is better to stay at home than to run to the basement, which can collapse.

Rule of “two walls”

You must be separated from the danger by at least 2 walls. Because one is likely to be destroyed by the impact, and the other will save from broken walls, glass and more. Therefore, hide safely in a place that is located behind the second retaining wall from the facade. It is usually a vestibule, a corridor and a hall. Even if you think that the house is unstable, there is no basement, and there is no space in the storage room, stay near the retaining walls – they will last.

Rule 2 exits

You need to know that there are at least 2 exits from the shelter. That’s why a basement or a garage with one exit is a trap. It may be littered with house debris or the exit will be blocked during a fire. However, modern underground car parks and basements in most buildings are designed safely. In addition to several exits, they are equipped with smoke detectors and fire extinguishing systems.

Please follow the rules to save your life and your family.