Assistance to boarding schools in Kyiv

The normal life of every Ukrainian, every family, all Ukrainian people changed on the morning of February 24, 2022. There are even more people who need help and support, but there are also those who are already in a difficult situation due to various circumstances. These are children who are orphans or for one reason or another deprived of parental care. These are children who want to be helped so that they too can feel relatively safe.

On March 15, 2022, CO “CHARITY FUND “HUMAN” sent aid to orphanages in Kyiv. The cargo contains hygiene products, warm clothes, food, mixtures and porridges for children, diapers.

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Assistance is provided to individuals, local communities, non-profit organizations, as well as legal entities of private law that have suffered from hostilities.

For convenience, a registration form is available for people in need.

When filling in, it is necessary to provide contact details, as well as to summarize the essence of the problem and indicate what kind of help is needed.